Interrogator chaplain seraphicus pdf

I made a little video about the first miniatures i ever painted. Interrogator chaplain in terminator armour completed. He took part in the battle for banes landing in m41, fighting alongside company master balthasar. The dark vengeance starter set for warhammer 40k was initially launched with an extra limited edition plastic model of the dark angels interrogatorchaplain seraphicus. Well, one of my goals for the last week was to finally finish this guy. It seems a little stupid to have a limited run of the only sculpt of a special character, even by gw standards. This was a purchase i made on a whim from blogger pirate viking painting back in 2012 and since has been sitting around on display but with a different style base. He replaces the interrogator chaplain s zealot special rule with his own litanies of the dark angels special rule. This is a dataset of the alltime top 1,000 posts, from the top 2,500 subreddits by subscribers, pulled from reddit between august 1520, 20. Interrogator chaplains are special chaplains of the dark angels. A cracking model to paint, although not as much detail on there as on the chaos models from the same.

Wip chaplain interrogator seraphicus just a quick update on the progress i have made on my current project, chaplain interrogator. Army battle force are models that where included in the large box sets black library are dioramas produced by black library who publish the popular warhammer books and are characters in various scenes from the books busts and statues are a series of larger. Dark angels chaplaininterrogator seraphicus finished this guy on christmas eve and have only just got around to posting up the pictures i took of the model of seraphicus, the dark angels chaplain interrogator from the dark vengeance box set. Interrogator chaplain seraphicus a special character. The dark vengeance starter set for warhammer 40k was initially launched with an extra limited edition plastic model of the dark angels interrogatorchaplain. The interrogatorchaplain is a space marine chaplain on steroids. Interrogatorchaplain seraphicus dark vengeance, dark angel. See more ideas about warhammer 40k, dark angels 40k and space marine. Another update post of stuff in the to do pile inbetween doing titan stuff. He is an interrogator chaplain armed with a plasma pistol, as listed in codex.

I used interrogator chaplain seraphicus bits, cataphractii armsguns, chaos terminator body, and the aobr terminator sergeants legs, and some bits from deathwing kit. All areas on the model have been base coated and now it is time to add in all the details. Menacing figures of fear, the interrogatorchaplains of the dark angels unsettle even their own battlebrothers with their silent scrutiny. The route to becoming an interrogatorchaplain is perilous. Dark angels interrogator chaplain seraphicus from dark. I loved the look and feel of the interrogator chaplains and i think this guy cam our really well.

Interrogatorchaplain seraphicus is a special character. Seraphicus is an interrogatorchaplain of the dark angels. For work not from the colonel, click on the blue text, under the red titles, and please read this. Blog poswiecony grze bitewnej warheim fs i wszystkim, co zwiazane z wargaminingiem i modelarstwem w skali 28 mm. A warhammer 40k and hobby blog focusing on painting, modelling, battle reports, terrain tutorials and templates and free downloads. Anyway, from what i can gather seraphicus isnt all that, youre probably better off with a plain old interrogator chaplain and upgrade him to the. He comes with boosted stats compared to a chaplain and some great. Dark angels interrogatorchaplain games workshop webstore. They are members of the dark angels inner circle and are thus highly respected by their peers. Dark angels dark vengeance interrogator chaplain seraphicus to done. Forum adverts like this one are shown to any user who is not logged in. Tutorial on how to paint the space marine chaplain miniature from dark.

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