Kk board x copter firmware for iphone

The only thing i had to mess with is the throttle to keep it in the air. A quest toward the perfect quadcopter or multirotor for aerial video and personal flying freedom and a permanent survey on the latest. This is a continuation in a series of getting an aerosky quadcopter running with the kk 2. While that may not seem like much, it actually eliminates a lot of currently existing commercial civilian drones available to the general public. I heard from an ad that hamilton was discontinuing the xcopter. It is designed to support users that have never flashed firmware to a microcontroller. The lazyzero kk multicopter flash tool is excellent for upgrading your control board to the firmware of your liking. Testing tcopter with kapteinkuks tricopter firmware v1. After a lot of trial, error, and reading, i finally was able to make my quad fly level with the kk2 board. Improved firmware for the kk multicopter, also the hk kk. Feb 15, 2015 my bi copter almost to gone with the wind morning flight of my bi copter. Xcopter 6418 maccurdy dr, prescott, arizona 86301 rated 4.

In this project you will find one branch for each version of his firmware allinone for kk2. Kk multicopter power battery to 8 esc connection board. For a drone to fly autonomously, all the necessary sensors, processing power, and communication chips must be builtin. Connect your programmers 6 pin socket to the isp header on the board. The kk board isnt a standout performer for any of the common drone types, but if you just want to get out there and have a good flight, its.

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