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I have several other bp revolvers, and rifles and id like to shoot this thing. Successor to the 1848 baby dragoon, colt s 1849 pocket model was a smaller version of their 1851 navy, with about 340,000 produced between 1850 and 1873, more 49 pockets were manufactured than any other colt percussion firearm. The one posted by boge is type 5, new model breech loading pocket pistol. On consignment we have a colt model 1849 pocket revolver in. Colt guns colt 1849 pocket page 1 collectors firearms. Colts revolving pocket pistol that collectors now name the pocket model of 1849. A successor to the baby dragoon, the 1849 pocket is essentially a small version of the 1851 navy. Save 1849 pocket colt to get email alerts and updates on your ebay feed. More colt 49s were made between 1848 and 1873 and more rare variations of it exist than any other colt revolver. Revolver colt 1849 pocket, 1868 museums victoria collections.

This is a mahogany case with hinge and lock inletting in the. Exceptional documented factory presentation cased and engraved colt model 1849 pocket revolver in the colt engraving book volume one. Pietta spare cylinder 1863 pocket remington 31 caliber our price. Find great deals on ebay for 1849 pocket colt and colt 1851 navy. He also notes that the 6 shot cylinder 3 49 is extremely rare. Feb 17, 2018 the colt model 1849 pocket revolver was colts answer when replacing their baby dragoon series of guns. Lot detail a extraordinary presentation book cased. Description this factory cased colt model 1849 pocket revolver was owned by assistant surgeon william w. Only fffg black powder may be used in these or similar percussion revolvers36 and. I ordered a spring for an 1849 pocket from vti gun parts but its too small. Mar 05, 2016 colt 1849 pocket revolver all outdoors. Extremely rare 4inch colt m1849 wells fargo pocket. The arm of the spring that works the trigger is fine but the leg that works the cylinder bolt is snapped off.

Original finish has turned an even patina over all. What is the value of colt 1849 pocket revolverlondon. The colt 1849 pocket is in the series of several commercially sold pocket colts. This is the third type, with a single line new york barrel address. The serial number is in the 178,000 range which puts it right there in one of the most tumultuous moments in american history. This gun features a brass grip frame with walnut grips, blued steel frame, serial number 331206, engraved 5shot cylinder with stagecoach scene and colt s patent wserial number, and 4 barrel with brass bead front sight, and rear sight notch on hammer. Manufactured in 1864, this is a superb example of a cased colt model 1849 revolver.

Youll receive email and feed alerts when new items arrive. The colt patterson revolver was a five shot with the folding trigger and a pair of those are said to have been carried by kit carson, probably after 1840. Samuel colt colt model 1849 pocket percussion revolver, serial. Letter from colt archive department showing manufacture date of 1869. Translate description wonderful factory engraved colt model 1849 pocket sixshot revolver in. Nevertheless, i think it is a beautiful version of what colt could have produced. The m1849 colt pocket was the most successful percussion handgun ever produced by colt, with more than 325,000 being manufactured in the united states between 1850 and 1873, and another 11,000 or so being produced at colt s shortlived london manufactory. Cylinder has laid on something wet as it has pitting. All of the interior dividers are made of solid wood. The 1849 pocket model, also termed the new pocket model, was the singular most popular colt handgun of the nineteenth century with its production including the baby dragoon models running from 1848 to 1872. Sam colt 1849 colt pocket model pistol revolver 31cal. Looking back along the line of the original colts, the model 1849 pocket revolvers have quite a history.

Metal still has a little blue on barrel, but is mostly a light gray patina on sharp metal. Colt model 1849 pocket revolver cased in book jan 18. Shumaker colt s variations of the old model pocket pistol 1848 to 1872 shows on pg. This revolver was made in 1862, just in time for the civil war. Unbeknownst to colt at the time of the model 1849s inception was the success that lay in their new product. In the years prior to the civil war, colt produced about 10,000 model 1849 pocket revolvers per year.

Check out paul carellas antiques roadshow appraisal of this colt model 1849 pocket revolver with accessories from spokane, hour 1. There were over 300,000 of these made from 18501873 with both brass and steel grip frames. Colt model 1849 pocket revolver with accessories antiques. This an example of a reproduction of an 1849 colt gun case. By carefully studying the big dragoon revolver and determining what features necessary in a large belt revolver could be removed from a smaller pocket type pistol, he eliminated about 85 of the roughly 480 separate operations required to produce his earlier sixguns, thus creating the. It was made right at the outbreak of the civil war. Made by colt s patent fire arms manufacturing co, serial number 50671, 1853. When tensions started to flare, we find colt production for the 49 pocket increased to 24,000 units in 1860 and,000 for 1861. The engraving has his classic inhabited scroll engraving which features an bird face below the hammer screw on the left and a dog face above the wedge on the right. Next came the colt walker revolver, which was quite an improvement but that big. Shooting the 1849 colt pocket revolver the arms guide. Here are disassembly and reassembly instructions for ubertis replica of colt s 1849 pocket model revolver.

The top one is a 5 shot and the bottom one is a 6 shot. Engraved colt model 1849 pocket revolver rock island auction. Colt 1849 pocket internet movie firearms database guns in. Colt model 1849 london pocket percussion revolver colt. Blue and color cased harde for sale by vintage firearms inc on gunsamerica. Colt model 1849 pocket revolver cased in book firearms.

The family of colt pocket percussion revolvers evolved from the earlier commercial revolvers marketed by the patent arms manufacturing company of paterson, n. Rh0454 uberti 1849 pocket revolver dixie gun works. This is a colt model 1849 pocket model percussion revolver in. Learning the lessons from this, the colt factory applied the same technology to the. This is a unique little colt pocket percussion revolver. Both the book and pocket guide are signed by author robert m. Colt model 1849 pocket revolver cased in book jan 18, 2020. Do not use smokeless powder in any blackpowder firearm. The smaller versions of colt s first revolvers are also called baby patersons by collectors and were produced first in.

Antique 1849 village hymns book of hymns no music 600 hymns pocket size. The 90th new york infantry was organized in december 1861 and served in key west, florida from januarynovember 1862. Molded for a 1849 colt pocket pistol now i ship to canada,uk, france i want to make the finest black powder holsters around. This 1849 colt pocket model revolver with all matching serial numbers is in exceptional condition, with loads of blue, case colors and perfect grips, and is housed in a. Enter the serial number, without spaces or dashes, to search the database. Engraved colt model 1849 pocket percussion revolver. The gun was great as a pocket pistol because of its size and its 5 shot capacity of. This is a 5 barrel length, one line new york address. According to information from the antique gun shop where ive purchased most of mine, the colt pocket models havent held their value like the big militaries m. Mar 26, 2018 shooting the 1849 colt pocket revolver all outdoors. Just as silver spring steel allowed colt to adapt a. Civilian pocket revolvers, such as the wells fargo or 1849 pocket, were. This volume is the bible for the colt pocket model revolver of 1849.

It saw use with gold miners needing protection in the lawless california valleys and was the first firearm to be standard issue to a police department. Cased colt model 1849 london pocket percussion revolver. Value of personalized 1849 pocket revolver small arms. The revolver is complete with a factory mahogany, american style, fivecompartment case lined with blue and maroon velvet. Jan 11, 2017 antique colt model 1849 pocket revolver. Built with the same materials and in the same style of the. Tall, thick quarto, 301 pages, profusely illustrated in fullcolor throughout. Samuel colt american, hartford, connecticut 18141862. Made in a variety of barrel lengths, the 4inch barreled version, like cimarrons copy, was the most popular with those wanting a practical, yet concealable revolver. If multiple models appear for your serial number simply match the date with the appropriate model, as certain vintage firearms can share serial numbers between different models. This model left the factory as a cartridge revolver in either. The dimensions and weight are authentic as advertised. Colt 3 barrel 1849 pocket model c15462 description. I think its a handsome piece, but vcvrelics is right that the identity of ac moorehead could make a big difference if you can determine that.

The data in the above table was taken from the colt black powder instruction manual. The production of the colt model 1849 pocket revolver in america commenced in 1850 and continued through to 1873. This is a very good condition example of a very scarce, 4 barreled colt model 1849 wells fargo pocket revolver. The denix replica 1849 pocket pistol was a great buy for the sale price. The 1849 pocket model, also termed the new pocket model, was the singular most popular colt handgun of the nineteenth century with its production including the baby dragoon models running from. Encouraged by an ongoing military contract, colt turned his eye toward the civilian marketin 1848. Also, it has the look of the real pistol, in that there is no distracting orange tip at the end of the barrel to remind one that it isnt the real item. This 1849 pocket revolver was factory cased and engraved by the famous. Wonderful factory engraved colt model 1849 pocket sixshot revolver in. Colt model 1849 pocket revolver percussion revolver. The top barrel flat is stamped with the oneline new york address, the left side of the frame is stamped coltspatent, and the left side of the trigger guard is stamped. The model 1849 pocket revolver, a replacement for the baby dragoon, was the most widely produced of any colt percussion pistol. In 1848 colt took a look at the civilian market for small, concealable revolvers, commonly referred to as, pocket pistols.

Unfollow 1849 pocket colt to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. I can shoot this gun all day and use very little powder. Here we present an antique colt 1849 pocket revolver, made in 1856. Colt model 1849 pocket percussion revolver colt collectors. Nearly 340,000 were manufactured during a 23year production run that ended in 1873. Discussion in blackpowder started by skinny 1950, may 3, 2011. Some were factory cased, which will add to a particular pistols value. With the public clamoring for a quality, accurate pocket sized weapon, colt knew he could fulfill the need. For your firearm, the following current values apply from the blue book of gun values. By 1849, the pocket pistols found a strong following with american.

Jordans book colts pocket 49, he list 3 serial ranges for the rare 3 barrel. British proofed colt model 1849 revolver with london case. Sam colt had produced some very historic revolvers beginning in 1836. What is the value of colt 1849 pocket revolverlondon model. This was the successor to the baby dragoon and a total of approximately 326,000 49 pockets were manufactured at the hartford factory.

Case colors remain on the right hand side with only. An 1849 colt pocket model percussion revolver with a 6 inch barrel and a 6 shot cylinder. While it is not a colt army or navy revolver, it is not a runofthemill 1849 pocket. It is in great condition with original holster and powder flask. A model 1849 pocket revolver with nearly identical engraving and walnut grips is illustrated on page 105 of the book of colt engraving, volume one by r. There is a good book out on the colt 1849 pocket by jordan. Tuning an uberti 1849 pocket model part 1 duration.

Davis fighting men of the civil war for comparison. Another reprint of a book page pictures this revolver in a rare complete colt casing with caption identifying the backstrap inscription and that it. Made during the american civil war, it most likely saw some action. I have a 1849 colt pocket model with all matching numbers.

Colt 1849 revolver 31 percussion rock island auction company. Cw model 1849 colt pocket revolver and knife tucked into waist tintype c609rp. Though continual improvements in metallurgy allowed for a 36 caliber version in the 1862 pocket model, the 1849 was the most popular percussion revolver colt produced. Book of secrets ed harris, methias wilkinson, 2007. The family of colt pocket percussion revolvers evolved from the earlier commercial revolvers. Original blue finish barrel and cylinder, brass frame and smooth walnut grips. I have a colt model 1849 pocket pistol owned by col. Colt s 1849 pocket revolver the mexican war brought samuel colt back into the gun business, but it was realized that his reformed company couldnt live only by military contracts. British crownletter inspection proofs are stamped on the left side of the barrel lug and on the rear of the cylinder between each chamber. Colt first called this revolver the ranger model, but the designation navy quickly took over. An entire book, colt s variations of the old model pocket pistol by schumaker. The revolver is actually a model 1849 pocket and was manufactured in 1854 and embellished by the shop of master engraver gustave young, likely by the master himself given the quality. Colt model 1849 pocket percussion revolver, serial no.

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