Harpies hunting ground vs torrential tribute vs black

He appears ingame after the player claims his character unlock mission reward for successfully conducting 150 tribute summonssets. Whenever they use their field spell card, destroy it asap, because they give their harpies a lot of. Harpie decks can use the effect of harpies hunting ground to take it. Harpie lady 1 would actually break the game unfortunately. Once youve found the card check the directory to see who has it. Ocg rulings the effect when any harpie lady or harpie lady sisters are normal or special. I tried it for about a month now i got every possible ability drop there is for her except harpies hunting ground. You might remember giovanni capecci from ycs leipzig or, more recently, the european championship. Top 20 cards you need for your redeyes black dragon yugioh deck. Decks like blackwings, which use trap cards like icarus attack, and. Pvp duels using blackwings with mais skill harpies hunting ground. If you chain a trap card like dust tornado or fairy wind to destroy. Cyber harpy lady birdface x2 breaker the magical warrior d. Monsters 22 3 cyber shield 2 elegant egotist 3 harpies hunting ground 1 heavy storm 1 monster reborn 3 triangle ecstasy spark.

It can activate its ability once per turn, so if you want to attack your opponents monster, its better to use the lower level first, in case it gets. Most of them are not really harpie lady but have effects that treat them as harpie lady. Every deck that uses traps like bottomless trap hole, solemn warning, torrential tribute. Harpies last will 6 harpie cards in your graveyard are banished, and 1 harpies feather duster card is added to your hand from outside your deck. These are the monsters you can summon to trigger harpies hunting ground s effect.

Premature burial and call of the haunted are for swarming the field easier with the monster that searched harpy lady 1 while hysteric party is a potential triple summon of 24002600 atk monsters. Harpies definition of harpies by the free dictionary. Therefore, it is not possible to tribute summon it. If you have any issues or find any bugs, be sure to let us know on discord. The effect to destroy 1 spell or trap card on the field of harpies hunting ground is. Yugioh gx tag force 1 decks by garciarael on deviantart.

Another great enabler in my deck is blackwing zephyros the elite. Thats safer than destroying facedown spell trap cards since people often bring hhg counter cards like security orb. For centuries the harpies have stay unnoticed by the people of the. Harpie queen makes it easy to use harpies hunting ground in just about every duel. Witch of the black forest and sangan are primarily to search for petit. Begin the duel with the field spell harpies hunting ground on the top of your deck. Trap disposal unit 1059 homunculus the alchemic being 1060 dark blade the dragon knight 1061 mokey mokey king 1062 harpies hunting ground 1063 mokey mokey smackdown 1064 back to square one 1065 monster reincarnation 1066 malice dispersion 1067 divine wrath 1068 fruits of kozakys. Harpie ladies arent the only deck that can utilize this skill and give the. Mako also appears as an opponent during the special events duelist chronicles. Finally, pot of avarice is to reuse harpies hunting ground a few more times.

They like to use hero cards, which are really annoying if played well. Plus, most tournamentlevel harpie decks use multiple copies of harpie queen a monster that counts as harpie lady while on the field and in the graveyard, and that can be discarded from the hand to retrieve a harpies hunting ground from the deck. Black pendant was an okay equip for its time, even if powercrept by axe of despair in the same set. Duel links blackwings w harpies hunting ground pvp duels. Harpies hunting ground x1 rising air current x1 elegant egotist x2 smashing ground x2 enemy controller x2 premature burial x1 snatch steal x1 heavy storm x1 traps 8 call of the haunted x1 hysteric party x2 icarus attack x2 spiritual wind art miyabi x2 mirror force torrential tribute x1. Side deck 1 soul drain 1 soul release 1 dimensional fisure 3 mind crush 3 lightimprisoning mirror 2 kycoo the ghost destroyer 2. It triggered harpies hunting ground, which destroyed cos own hysteric sign. This is a video game depiction of mako tsunami, a character from the yugioh.

Harpie ladies arent the only deck that can utilize this skill and give the deck an ex. Decided to try and mix wind witches with a harpie deck. Painful choice is to rid the deck of the searcher cards once the harpy lady 1s and harpies hunting grounds have been searched. I really want there to be some more harpie support cards. Help support yugipedia by using our chrome extension, which redirects links to the old wikiafandom site to yugipedia, ensuring you see the most uptodate information. You can pitch a hysteric sign or any other spell to special summon a harpie dancer to get that going. If any harpie lady or harpie lady sisters is normal or special summoned. This page notes details of harpies hunting ground spell cardfield. You would need multiple defensive cards to protect them like mw. Meanwhile, fsu has come out swinging against the hunting ground, produced by radiustwc, a weinstein company film label, that has partnered with neo philanthropy in a campaign to raise funds. Side cards like black horn of heaven and trap stun come in handy against these decks because. Ian plays harpies hunting ground for turn and follows that up with an. Finally, if hes destroyed whether through battle or card effect, you can return.

Spells 3 hysteric party 1 mirror force 1 radiant mirror force 2 shadow of eyes 2 trap. Finally compulsory evacuation device is a good card for this deck alongside the other staples, especially to get 3. Co to summon a second harpie dancer, which cost gro. Why the hunting ground could cast a shadow over jameis. Summoning harpies to destroy a faceup spelltrap card like mirror wall and skull lair is the best. This deck has trouble vs decks that dont rely on monsters to win. Harpies pet dragonx2 icarus attack compulsory evacuation device mirror forcex2 bottomless trap hole torrential tribute dimensional prisonx2 fiendish chain hysteric partyx2 solemn warning elegant egotist swallows nestx2 hysteric signx3 harpies hunting groundx3 mystical space typhoonx2 dark hole forbidden lancex2 side deck. Spells 10 2 bottomless trap hole 1 hysteric party 3 icarus attack 1 solemn judgment 1 torrential tribute. Solid commons give us the creator incarnate, nightmare penguin, harpie lady 1, harpies. Harpies jan 1, 2014 constructed deck list and prices for the yugioh tcg. This forum thread has been unedited for 3751 days and is considered archived.

Torrential tribute was a great reprint to no longer have it only be an ultra rare in a pack. Icarus attack requires you to tribute a wingedbeast typed monster, but lets you. Mako tsunami is a playable legendary duelist in yugioh. Torrential tribute is to wombo combo once a hysteric party is set. Greek mythology one of several loathsome, voracious monsters with the head and trunk of a woman and the tail, wings, and talons of a bird. It is a hunting ground for a creature that soars threw the sky but has the body of a person. Wall of revealing light serves the same purpose but with a higher cost. Top 10 cards you need for your harpie yugioh deck hobbylark. Hunting ground also boosts the atk and def of all winged beasts. While playing against kozmos, i found the most success with a harpie build that can get out harpies pet phantasmal dragon. Sonic bird and senju of the thousand hands will be summoned in preference to harpies.

Related to mythilogical female creatures with wings who made load shrieking noises. Harpies facts about harpyharpyiai bird women monsters. However, i didnt plan accordingly and realized i have a terrible matchup to this deck with no good counters for harpies channeler or harpies hunting ground. Knight of the red lotus can be tribute summoned, or special summoned. I play 3 copies of harpie queen so i can easily get my hands on harpies hunting ground. Since it cant be targeted, or attacked, no kozmo card can touch it. I got abilities that i had already 4 times as of now you get rewarded 15 gems instead and i constantly get 68k points. The effect of harpies hunting ground is activated even when your harpie monsters are special summoned from the graveyard. Gravity bind is to stall for turns and can be destroyed using harpies hunting ground when the harpie lady 1s are ready. Torrential tribute, mirror force, lightning vortex that would break apart the decks strategy. Dark hole elegant egotist harpies hunting ground heavy storm illusion gate. They also have a harpie deck, which can be quite destructive if they use their harpies hunting ground.

Tcg strategy articles how to get around royal decree. Ojamuscle is also an ojama card because it has in its japanese name. Harpies hunting ground world championship 2006 yugioh. The super rares also had a few more good spells with confiscation, giant trunade, and painful choice. Traps 2 magical hats 2 dimensional prison 3 hysteric party 2 call of the haunted 2 icarus attack 1 torrential tribute 1 solemn warning 1 bottomless trap hole 1 compulsory evacuation device. Bodan draws and plays mst to destroy ians black horn of heaven. Discussion viability of harpies hunting ground post. Birdface is already in the game and he would make the deck way better almost too good even. Is a harpies hunting ground deck good i started playing about a month ago and today a was leveling up mai for windstorm and i got harpies hunting ground skill so my question is if an hapies deck is good if so what cards should get and what deck should i make. I was thinking about a swarm version for harpies with egotist but i think its kinda hard to make it work because of the low base atk.

Ocg yokohama tag duel princess cup tournament style. On saturdays, go to the card shop and choose passwordmachine. In the draw phase, instead of doing a normal draw, draw a random harpie card. Harpie blackwing deck constructed deck list and prices for the yugioh tcg. Mai flight of the harpies can be used each time your life points decrease by 1800.

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