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I have a pdf of an american rifleman article from 86 i. Cmp m1 garand south texas marksmanship training center. Gents, need opinions on using reloder 15 in the m1, 155gr and 168gr bthp, hornady and nosler bullets. I worked up the 52 grain 150 grain bullet load for accuracy and rifle function. I did the folllowing low load that i got from my lymans manual. Technology has developed, and reading m1 garand gunsmithing manual printable 2019 books may be far more convenient and simpler. A garand owner sent me the article in pdf format its on my pc. The best bullets are in the 150173 grain also ball area. M1 garand reloading discussion in reloadingammunition started by jbpmidas, sep 21. For a 150 bullet the min is 48 grains and the max is 53 grains. Accurate 2520 for m1 garand loads archive jouster2. For reloading, i believe the typical powder used is imr4895, and the typical bullet weight is 150gr for a fmj profile. M1 garand reloads gun and game the friendliest gun.

Shooters world is in the process of developing reloading data to the saamiansi standards. Discussion in handloading and reloading started by redhat, aug 18, 2007. Carbine shooting with accuracy including how to deal with some specific problems february 2007 knowing what to expect from a used usgi caliber 30 m1 carbine is a beginning point to shooting. A check of several manuals tell me that with the 150 grain bullet, 4895 and. Free download books m1 garand gunsmithing manual printable 2019 we all know that reading m1 garand gunsmithing manual printable 2019 is effective, because we can get a lot of information through the reading materials. The loading and reloading of the rifle without hurried.

The hornady 7th edition does have a garand section as ec said and it also lists the powders that big gun mentioned. I have several pounds of varget and a wide assortment of jacketed bt bullets that i picked up. The book documents garands production and issue both in the u. The book covers the complete story of the m1 garand service rifle as told by one of todayss foremost arms authors and researchers. Garand at springfield armory in massachusetts, the m1 was approved in 1935. Reloadinghandloading for the m1 garand and m14m1a page.

In addition to the hornady manual, the march 1986 american rifleman magazine, one of the nras magazines, has a wonderful article by. I, like many others, have a collection of the fun rifles like the m1 etc. While the gages are a good idea for any reloading, they are a necessity for the service rifles. This load is the standard military load from the 40s.

I used the data with a nosler 165gr ballistic tip for a successful mule deer hunt in colorado. Garand section in hornady manual archive cmp forums. Remember,all 3006 loads are not suitable for the garand. My lyman reloading manual says for 4064 and a 168 bullet the min is 45 grains and the max is 50 grains. I am just a target plinker and only shoot at paper targets between 50 to 100 yards. I just picked up a pound of accurate 2520 to reload my practice rounds for my m1 garand 3006 at the vendersrow at camp perry during the national matches this weekend.

Fortunately, there are several excellent tools available today. The best powder for the beginner reloader of a m1 garand is h4895, since this powder is an analog of the millitary powder the garand was designed for. Vintage match ammunition is built to replicate the original military performance specifications unique to many vintage rifles. Hornady manufacturing company develops and publishes reloading data for the handbook of cartridge reloading.

The m1 rifle is considered clear when there is no ammunition in the chamber or in. Click here to download the data which can be printed and added to the sierra bullets 5th edition reloading manual. Sierra reloading manual pdf book manual free download. Sierra bullets load data for 2018 new matchking bullets. Do not allow others to handle or fire your rifle until they have read this manual. These are covered in more detail in the reloading section of this manual. This page is an attempt at providing some information as to service rifle hand loading for rifles like the m1 garand and m1a m14 service rifles. Lovex powders for pistols and revolvers calibres d0 s011 s015 d032 s020 d036 d037. Tm 9 100522212, maintenance manual for m1 garand rifle. Occasionally, we will temporarily publish load data on this page when a bullet becomes. The m1 garand is designed and built to specifications to shoot u.

I find i dont have any 4895, but three cans 1 full and 2 partial of 3031. Its more versatile than any bullet or powder makers book. The search for an answer has led me here to this forum. By clicking the i agree button, i understandaccept and will agree to abide by the precautions and warnings outlined below. Technically, the weapon would work without the stock, but it is.

Set up your reloading bench where powder and primers will not be exposed to heat, sparks or flame. This has the correct powder burn rate for the garand. M1 garand operation and maintenance guide for veteran and. The hornady does have an m1 specific chapter, but hodgdon 150 grain data will do as well. This data will be published to the shooters world website, as it is generated and proofed in saami test barrels.

To load a single round, pull the operating rod all the way to the rear. This is a discussion on some m1 loading advice please within the reloading forums, part of the firearm forum category. Download sierra reloading manual book pdf free download link or read online here in pdf. Garand safe powders fall in the burning speeds between imr3031 and imr4320. All the loads are developed by the staff of handloader magazine and the archives of handloader. Best reload data for m1 garand 3006 specific loads. The armys basic field manual for the m1 garand user. Caliber m1 garand rifles to eligible organizations for use by. While holding the muzzle below the horizontal, place a round in the chamber and seat it with.

I use ball powder because it flows better through the powder measure. Also, the maximum charge of h4895 in a garand should be a might bit lower than what a typical reloading manual. Dont own a chrono, so i have never chronod the load. The most uptodate and comprehensive 223 rem data available new data for. I recently came into the possession of a garand in the 5. M1 garand reloading book or data source shooters forum. The correct caliber for your gun is stamped on the barrel.

Discussion in reloading forum all calibers started by. Please follow this link to complete a 3 question survey to help us improve our videos. Read online sierra reloading manual book pdf free download link book now. This is a discussion on reloadinghandloading for the m1 garand and m14m1a within the ammunition forums, part of the. Reloading for semiautos and service rifles sierra bullets. When i was running m1 garand qual matches for our gun club i advised everyone to buy that issue of the rifleman for the. M1 garand operation and maintenance guide indiana american. I need to load up some m2 ball clone ammo for my garand. There is already free reloading data available but buying the hornady load book gives you more options.

Reloading if this is your first visit, be sure to check out the faq by clicking the link above. All loads use cci br210 primers, with single exception noted. The m1a a springfield armorytrademarked designation for the civilian version of the m14 is the most widespread m14 action used by recreational and competition shooters in the. Been working with one of the foremost garand gurus still. If you downloaded the 308 winchester information for the 200 grain bullets prior to february 6, 2018 please replace that information with the corrected information below and in the pdf. Im new to the forum and im looking for any accurate reloading data for the m1 garand.

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